8 pieces

Mabataki | 16
Flambéed salmon, chopped pistachio and avocado

Red tuna | 20
Bluefin tuna, basil reduction, olive oil pearls, cucumber and avocado

White fish | 18
Cucumber, mango, white fish and shiso reduction

Amaebi | 20
Red Prawn, shiso reduction, avocado and cucumber

Shiroi Kuroi | 20
Fresh langoustine, balsamic vinegar pearls, cucumber, avocado and extra virgin olive oil

Roy Paci | 22
Cucumber, avocado, semidried tomato, flambé
scallop, red prawns tartare, shiso reduction,
chopped pistachio

Unakiu | 20
Roasted eel, avocado and cucumber

Bitoki roll | 21
Red prawn, avocado, mint reduction, beetroot,
balsamic pearls and Maldon salt

Balik roll | 25
Balik salmon, green apple, avocado, yuzu pearls
and candied orange

Puro patate e cozze | 18
Boiled Mussel, shiso, tomato fillet, garlic powder,
purple potato chips, maldon salt and pepper

Wagyu Roll | 30
Wagyu beef flambè, asparagus, courgette chips, salad,
Maldon salt and smoked extra virgin olive oil

Apulian Roll | 15
Tomato, cucumber, scamorza cheese, basil and extra virgin olive oil

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