Edamame | 5

Classic Goma Wakame seaweed | 6

Ebi Salad | 18
Red prawns in tempura with julienne salad, avocado and Japanese sauces, wrapped in rice paper

Kataifi scallops | 12
Scallops stuffed with semidried cherry tomatoes, shiso leaf wrapped in kataifi dough

Takoyaki | 10
Fried octopus balls served with Japanese sauces and dried tuna flakes

Vegetable triangles | 9
wheat pasta rolls stuffed with vegetables

Puro Carpaccio | 12
Catch of the day marinated in ponzu and ikura sauce

Smashed Red prawn tartare | 13
Flavoured Mazzara red prawn
with ginger, nori seaweed and crunchy kataifi

Sturgeon with caviar variation | 18
smoked sturgeon fillet with caviar in three consistencies

Soramame | 12
Broad bean cream, wakame seaweed, scallop carpaccio and sweet and sour soy sauce

Japanese-Apulian Gazpacho | 15
Marinated Mazzara red prawns with ginger, tomato gazpacho and caviar

Spring onion |8
Spring onion in tempura with wasabi and shiso mayo

Braised octopus served on wasabi flavoured edamame cream | 16

Tamaunagi |15
Sweet and sour spring onion with smoked unagi eel and teryaki sauce served on a bed of rice

Carpaccio di Wagyu | 35
Wagyu beef carpaccio, salad, extra virgin olive oil with ginger and Maldon salt

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